Six books revealing…

The Real History of Planet Earth


A cell of white terrorist roll through the streets of Los Angeles in a truck loaded with weapons. Their destination is an elementary school in South Central Los Angeles.

Moving quickly, they shoot a few people, and gather the rest, including 600 children, in the school auditorium.

They set up gun stations and, when the police come to investigate, they declare war!

She calls herself Betty Boop, and she is conducting a call in show. She expesses the terrorists’ philosophy, tells the city she will shoot children if they are taken off the air, and she even answers call in questions.

The city is in a state of panic; the police are withheld by politicians; the new media must knuckle down; and 600 children are sitting on a time bomb.

Into this chaos come a pair of unlikely heroes: the school cop who is captured by the terrorists, and the garage mechanic who must take a stand.

The school cop must work from within, trying to understand what has driven Betty Boop to this terrible crime.

The garage mechanic must work from outside, organizing an army to take over South Central and invade the school.

The clock ticks, the terrorists grow impatient and, in the heart of Los Angeles a new country is born: Monkeyland.

Inspired by desperation, driven by ideals, it is the only hope for a community to recover their children.

What the Monkeylanders don’t know is that they are about to become embroiled in the greatest war planet earth has ever seen: the war for planetary freedom.

The Bomber’s Story

(So big it comes in two parts!)

On a sunny afternoon Bob calls 911 and reports a bomb, then he goes in to channel 7 to give an interview.

Bob doesn’t claim to have set the bomb, he just knew it was going to explode, just like he knows there are 99 more bombs waiting to explode in Los Angeles.

Who is Bob? Nobody really knows. In a country of over 300,000,000 people nobody comes forth to say they know who he is, and there is no trace of him in the country’s record keeping institutions.

All anybody knows is that buildings are exploding, and Bob wants a billion dollars.

Randall Davis is assigned the task of breaking Bob, but it is a hard task.

His partner wants to kill Bob, there is a sultry beauty who wants to be in on the kill, and there are four mysterious men who are killing people over the whole affair.

Randall Davis is a good cop, however, and he cannot be swayed. Deflected, misdirected, threatened…he stays after Bob, but when he finds out what drove Bob insane, insanity starts to look good!


Many years ago, in Northern California, a fellow guided a remote control toy car into a propane plant. On top of the toy car was a bundle of dynamite. The town went crazy, people were evacuated, the police were in a tizzy, and the fellow held up a bank on the other side of town, and then, when the police realized the dynamite was a fake, and began scouring the countryside for the robber, he made his getaway in a canoe!

The author began contemplating the perfect crime. What crime could he commit (have his characters commit) and yet walk away scot free and with all the loot.

The answer to this perfect crime is in The Bomber’s Story. But, like so many others of the author’s stories, once started, things took a turn for the wicked.

A man nobody knows? How could that be?

What was his motivation?

And suddenly the whole United States finds itself on the chopping block!

And WHAT a chopping block! When you find out who the real bad guys are, and what they will do to the whole world to stay hidden, well…insanity will start to look good.

As stated, the book is so big in had to be divided in two. You can get it in one piece on Kindle, but the paperback comes in two volumes. There are 240,015 words, and a massive cast!

The Lonestar Revolt

What if a Hitler ran for office in Texas?

Doctor Brown is a hard working family man. And he’s black. Oops. Now he and his family are on a one way trip to Shark city. How can this happen? Well, it is actually the logical extension of a jailbreak and the greatest assassination of all time.

There is a madman loose, you see, and he will do anything, absolutely anything, to  rule planet earth.

And the only thing standing between him and his dream of conquest isa single Los Angeles detective.

On a warm night Davis will be brought to Texas and introduced to the man who will kill him.

What neither the hitler nor Davis know is that somebody from Monkeyland is coming to the meeting.

Monkeyland, the only thing standing between freedom and slavery on planet Earth.


Can One Man Save Planet Earth?

His name is


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